Steve Hansen, Energy Kinesiologist

Steven Hansen has been doing Energy Kinesiology for twenty years, and is a pioneer in the field. He's studied under Kinesiology teachers like Charles Krebs, Adam Lehman, Hugo Tobar and Ron Wayman. Through Years of study and implementation he has developed a revolutionary new system of healing energy work called KABS. This new Kinesiology and acupressure system effects the energy field on multiple levels, including chakras, acupressure meridians, tree of life, and higher self connection among others. Using KABS he is able to work in any or all of these energy systems, bringing them together to truly create a concept of the Whole Self. Teaching KABS and its successor classes, he has created a network of healing for many people. He continues his research, expanding constantly on new pathways of regeneration and healing to bring the Whole Self to each client.

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