Prolotherapy in San Diego has been gaining ground in recent years as a viable modality to treat joint pain.

It is well recognized that musculoskeletal pain is often triggered by unstable and hypermobile joints due to the laxity of ligaments and tendons. The principle of prolotherapy is based on induction of fine scar tissue containing collagen fibers via dextrose (or similar solutions) injections which stabilizes damaged or weakened tendons or ligaments.

We use prolotherapy for the following indications:
• unstable ankles
• unstable knees
• meniscal tears
• chronic hip pain due to trochanteric bursitis
• low back pain due to instability of sacroiliac joints
• low back / thoracic pain due to instability of facet joints
• tennis elbow
• chronic shoulder pain due to rotator cuff syndrome
• chronic neck pain

In our clinic, prolotherapy is performed exclusively under ultrasound guidance which significantly increases efficacy of the procedure due to the precise accuracy of the dextrose delivery. Long-term prolotherapy is much safer than continuous steroid injections.

Although prolotherapy received mixed reviews in medical literature, those who use this technique routinely and easily identify appropriate indications and successfully treat the problem.  Success rate of prolotherapy in our clinic varies from 70–90% depending on anatomy of the affected joints and chronicity of the problem. Since 2005, prolotherapy is supported by Mayo clinic physicians.

We're proud to be a leader in the field and will continue to ensure that our prolotherapy options deliver the most effective treatment.

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