Nutrient Injections

Detoxification and Drainage - $45

Designed to enhance the function of your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) and works best when combined with other forms of detoxification support (nutritional cleanse, sauna with oxygen therapy, and/or exercise with oxygen therapy, etc.). Recommended as a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Energy and Clarity - $45

Designed to provide your cells with the necessary signaling to properly and efficiently run the biochemical engine housed within the mitochondria. Recommended as a series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly injections.

Immunity and Resilience - $45

Designed to call your immune cells into action and direct your defenses to where they are needed most. Recommended bi-weekly during an acute infection or weekly throughout autumn and winter to establish ongoing resilience.

Rest and Recovery - $45

Designed to assist in the facilitation of restful sleep by gently eliciting relaxation pathways without forcing sedation. Recommended as a series of weekly or bi-weekly injections as needed for deep recuperation.

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