Nonmedicantous Therapy with Herbs and Supplements

It is well recognized that traditional medical therapy has its limitations. These limitations are based on the limited selection of available therapeutic agents and barriers due to the potential drug side effects and drug interactions. The expansion of the therapeutic horizons is based on broader use of natural products and supplements.

Why natural products?
• The range of herbs and food supplements available for medicinal use is much larger than the range of prescription drugs
• In general (not always though), food supplements and herbs are considered safer than the prescription drugs
• Typically, food supplements and herbs are more affordable than drugs

How does IFSMED utilizes food supplements and herbs in the therapy of autoimmune and musculoskeletal diseases?

Once your diagnosis is established, we offer you a choice of traditional, alternative or integrative therapy when it’s appropriate. As a rule, acute conditions (e.g., acute joint pain, lupus flare up, etc.) are typically treated with traditional therapy. Once your condition is stabilized, we start introducing herbs and food supplements. In our personal view, the right choice of food supplements and herbs (in a combination with other modalities such as diet modification, acupuncture, physical therapy etc.) is an excellent way to maintain remission of chronic illnesses.

The individual selection of food supplements and herbs is based on:
• Scientific data regarding biological and therapeutic activity of individual ingredients / components of a given   remedy
• Our personal clinical experience
• Your laboratory and instrumental diagnostic tests
• Your clinical history, including history of previous therapies and drug/supplement reactions

We provide our patients with very specific protocols for alternative therapies which include:
• The exact supplements and doses
• The exact time of their administration
• Potential side effects to watch
• Potential interactions with currently taken traditional drugs
• Timetable for drugs and supplements administration

Once the therapy with herbs and supplements is started, we perform a close surveillance of its efficacy utilizing clinical examination, laboratory testing and alternative diagnostic therapy.


Case #1
A patient with osteoporosis (confirmed by DEXA) scan who could not tolerate traditional therapy with bisphosphonates (Actonel, Fosamax, Boniva) was evaluated in our clinic for alternative therapy. Several food supplements and the detail protocol of their use were implemented. One year after the administration of the therapy, the DEXA scan was performed. It demonstrated a 6.8% increase in the bone density in the femoral neck (hip). Subsequently, the patient was instructed in detail on how to continue his therapy for the next 6 to 12 months.

Case #2
A patient with systemic lupus erythematosus came to our clinic with an acute flareup of her illness. She was stabilized with prescription drugs. Once the remission was achieved, most of the medications with one exception were slowly tapered off and several herbs and a specific diet were administered. The patient has been monitored for lupus activity using several diagnostic tests. She has been in remission for almost two years which had not happened before since she was diagnosed with lupus.

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