Neenah Grade PA-C

Neenah Grade is a board certified Physician Assistant with a background in primary care and integrative pain medicine. She received a Bachelor's degree in genetics, cell and molecular biology from Arizona State University before completing her Masters in Science at Arcadia University in Philadelphia.


She is highly experienced in small to large joint injections using ultrasound for guidance. She is interested in using both traditional and newer methods to help patients reach their health goals, and will work with each patient individually to achieve this.


Having a special interest in treating Lyme disease in children; she trained with a world leading pediatric Lyme disease specialist, Dr. Charles Jones. She is our resident expert when looking for a children's Lyme disease specialist in San Diego.


"In order for a patient to focus on improving their health they have to feel comfortable with their provider and I hope to foster that relationship. I will work closely with Dr. Shikhman and the rest of the staff to make sure you are getting your best care at our office."


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