Micronutrient Therapy

The human body requires a number of nutrients that it cannot produce itself known as micronutrients. The proper administration of these nutrients can be a key component in treatment of chronic infections, malabsorption and autoimmune diseases.

The micronutrients required by humans include vitamins, antioxidants, cofactors and microelements such as iron, cobalt, copper, iodine and zinc among others. In many cases, we are able to get the micronutrients from our diets. In some cases a patient will have an imbalance of nutrients that cannot be corrected by diet due to absorption issues or due to their increased consumptions. In addition, direct intravenous administration of micronutrients allows us to reach therapeutic concentrations of the nutrients in the blood in their unmodified forms.

Conditions, which are commonly treated at IFSMED with intravenous micronutrient therapy include but are not limited to:
•    malabsorption due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance
•    severe iron deficiency
•    chronic fatigue syndrome
•    chronic infections (streptococcal, borrelia, mycoplasma,etc.)
•    Sjogren’s syndrome
•    fibromyalgia
•    adrenal insufficiency

At IFSMED, we offer the best in Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy in order to correct nutrient deficiencies and optimize the healing process. 

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