Michael Lehman, ND

Dr. Lehman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) specializing in the care of patients wrestling with chronic illness, infections, and autoimmunity. As such, he understands and empathizes with the specific needs of this patient population including the optimization of compromised immune function, managing multiple medications/supplements, and mitigating the systemic signs & symptoms often associated with these conditions (i.e. — chronic fatigue, cognition/brain fog, muscle/joint pain, and gastrointestinal concerns) by employing various naturally holistic therapies.

Having earned his naturopathic medical degree from Bastyr University here in San Diego, CA, Dr. Lehman enriched his education with additional elective coursework regarding botanical medicine, holistic care of autoimmune conditions, individualized intravenous therapies, and personalized nutrition counseling. Prior to moving to San Diego, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Health Psychology and Human Biology from Bastyr University’s primary campus in Seattle, WA. It was during this time that he discovered and developed his love for the study of psychoneuroimmunology — the interdisciplinary approach to studying how an individual’s psychology and nervous system interact with one’s immunity to either diminish or encourage lasting health and wellness.

Dr. Lehman continually pays forward his education by serving the Bastyr University community as a Professional Teaching Assistant for various courses including Advanced IV Therapy, Physical Exam Diagnosis, and Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis.

"By specializing in the holistic care of those wrestling with autoimmune disease, I am very sensitive to the various needs and challenges of this population including compromised immune function, managing multiple medications/supplements, and mitigating the often-associated symptoms (i.e. – brain fog, muscle/joint pain, and gastrointestinal concerns). If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in San Diego with first-hand experience in treating autoimmunity and chronic disease – I will create a personalized wellness plan to help you feel more like yourself again.”

– Michael Lehman, ND

Medical Degree Naturopathic Medical Doctor — Bastyr University California — San Diego, California — 2018
Undergraduate Studies BS in Health Psychology & Human Biology — Bastyr University — Seattle, Washington — 2014

Fundamentals and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrient Therapies 2019 — International IV Nutritional Therapy
NAD and IV Therapies 2019 — International IV Nutritional Therapy
Advanced IV Therapy 2016 — Bastyr University California (Elective Coursework)

AANP — American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
CNDA — California Naturopathic Doctors Association
NMSA — Naturopathic Medical Student Association


Detoxification: Naturally eliminate toxins and metabolic waste through the use of sauna therapies (Infrared and Ozone Steam), IV protocols, and specific supplementation.

Optimized Nutrition: Personalized dietary plans to achieve your individual goals, optimize weight, soothe gastrointestinal concerns, while promoting balanced daily energy and mental clarity.

Enhanced Immunity: Naturally improve resistance to common infections and allergies.

Stress Management: Increase resilience to acute and chronic stressors.

Musculoskeletal/Structural Alignment: Assess and address the underlying cause for many acute and chronic joint and muscle aches/pains.


  1. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are Medically Trained and Naturally Minded. By completing four years of rigorous doctoral-level academic and clinical training, licensed NDs are educated in a truly integrative framework of primary care that bridges the gap between conventional and natural therapies to include nutritional, botanical/herbal, and physical/structural medicine applications to suit our patient’s individual needs.

  2. Treat the Cause. While acknowledging the symptoms our patients are experiencing, NDs strive to dig deeper in order to treat the underlying cause of a patient’s unique condition instead of treating superficial symptoms.

  3. Treat the Whole Person. We understand that our patients are not made of separate parts that can be cared for independent of every other system in their body and environment. Each patient is unique and therefore rightly requires personalized care that addresses the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of their life.

  4. The Heart of a Teacher. NDs take the time to make certain that each patient fully understands all aspects of their care. From diagnosis to therapy and everything in between, patient education is key to assisting our patients in becoming the best advocates for their own health while encouraging them to become as informed as possible in understanding the steps to be taken in their healing journey. We ensure that you never again experience a doctor’s appointment where you are left feeling unheard.

  5. Safe and Effective. With its foundation in preventative wellness, Naturopathic Medicine is often much safer and easier on patients while resulting in fewer and/or less severe side effects. Backed by centuries of evidence, modern research continues to confirm the therapeutic value of this foundational medicine.

  6. Integrative Perspective. NDs endeavor to work in partnership with your current medical provider(s) in an effort to create a well-rounded and openly communicative team to support your care in a fully complementary manner.

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