Medical Services

Our philosophy is based on an integrative approach to patient care which includes the most advanced technologies in traditional medicine in combination with the best of complementary therapies. Through IFSMED, patients will receive a personalized “prescription” for care that draws from the three areas that are the pillars of our practice:

State of the Art Diagnosis & Therapy

The efficacy of your treatment begins with a proper diagnosis – a core focus of our practice. Our comprehensive diagnostic evaluation consists of complete physical examination, individualized biochemical, immunological and genetic testing as well as state-of-the-art ultrasound and radiographic assessment to elicit a clear, well-founded identification of your complete state. Based on the established diagnosis, we offer our patients a highly individualized therapy which typically incorporates traditional pharmacological agents (drug therapies), customized diet, appropriate food supplements and herbal remedies, and optimized protocols for physical activity and daily exercises. Our facility was expressly designed to bring diagnosis and care together, and is equipped with an infusion center where we administer biologic agents and chemotherapy for patients with life-threatening rheumatologic diseases. For patients with non-life-threatening illnesses we propose, as an option, a complete natural route of the therapy.

Customized Diet & Food Supplements

Research has show the immense role that diet plays in wellness – both in eradicating unfavorable symptoms and conditions, and in promoting better health systemically. IFSMED’s nutrition consultations analyze generated test results, patient’s medical history, current eating habits and lifestyle and provide guidance on how to get optimal benefits from dietary changes. Our nutritionists are experts, and work individually with you to formulate the instruction and provide the advice that allows you to discover proper nutritional habits within your specific dietary plan. In addition, we help our patients with meal and menu ideas, recipe modification, and strategies for eating out and during travel so they can maintain their course and realize its myriad benefits.

At IFSMED, we believe supplements can also play an integral part in optimizing health. After many years in development, IFSMED now offers a line of nutraceutical supplements, GLUTEN-FREE REMEDIESTM , a specialized line of restorative food supplements and herbal preparations designed to enhance our holistic treatment of musculoskeletal and inflammatory disorders.  Featuring unique composition, improved  absorption capacity and optimized strength, these naturally gluten-free supplements work to address biological deficiencies and provide condition-specific benefits. An individual selection of supplements, if appropriate, is included as part of your overall dietary plan.

Currently, the complete line of food supplements and herbs specially manufactured for IFSMED is available both in our clinic and online.

Individualized Fitness Programs

Providing both preventive and restorative benefits, the Movement Studio seeks to increase the strength, flexibility and control of the body through an exploration of Pilates movements. IFSMED offers our clients one-on-one Pilates classes with fitness and body energy assessment before, during and after treatments. Movement Studio promotes wellness on multiple levels – both enhancing physical fitness and supporting the mind-body connection so essential to optimal health.