Soft tissue and joint injections

Soft tissue and joint injections are the part of everyday therapeutic protocols utilized in our clinic for pain and inflammation control.

Corticosteroids combined with anesthetics / pain killers are the most common drugs used for soft tissue and joint injections. By delivering an anti-inflammatory drug directly to the site of inflammation, the therapy has a significantly greater chance of success.

Typical conditions treated with injections include but are not limited to:
• joint inflammation and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis
• osteoarthritis
• rotator cuff syndrome
• trigger finger
• tennis elbow
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• neck and low back pain

To optimize the efficacy of the injections, IFSMED performs them under strict ultrasound guidance.

A typical procedure incorporates several steps including:
• ultrasound examination of the area(s) to be injected (to avoid puncture of the blood vessels and nerves)
• cleaning of the skin with bactericidal agents (soap, betadine, alcohol)
• topical anesthesia
• local anesthesia or nerve block with lidocaine to minimize the discomfort from the procedure
• ultrasound guided injection (or aspiration if needed)

To achieve maximal benefits, we recommend immobilization of the injected area if possible for 12-18 hours.

In general, soft tissue and joint injections are very safe. Rare side effects include postinjection transient pain, hypopigmentation of the injection area, mild atrophy of the subcutaneous fat, and infections.

IFSMED is one of the premier locations to receive joint injections in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

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