Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

IV nutrient therapy is a medical treatment that allows your doctor to provide you with vitamins, minerals, and other nourishing substances directly into circulation, which bypasses the digestive tract and any potential issues of malabsorption. These vital nutrients are infused together within a base solution that very effectively hydrates your body at the cellular level. Higher therapeutic doses of nutrients can be given than is otherwise possible by mouth without intestinal irritation.

Advanced Detoxification and Drainage - $250

For those experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate body toxicity (i.e. headaches, brain fog, fatigue, mild body aches, skin disruptions, and minor alterations in bowel habits). The formula includes deeply nourishing vitamins and minerals combined with synergistic homeopathic remedies directed at reinforcing your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) in a base solution targeting systemic hydration.Optimally combined with a glutathione push for its additional support of detoxification & immune-modulation.

Detoxification and Drainage - $200

Enhance the function of your organs of elimination (liver/intestines, kidneys, and lymphatic vessels) and works best when combined with other forms of detoxification support (nutritional cleanse, sauna with oxygen therapy, and/or exercise with oxygen therapy, etc.).Recommended as a series of 6 weekly or bi-weekly infusions.

Energy and Clarity - $200

Provide your cells with the necessary signaling to properly and efficiently run the biochemical engine housed within the mitochondria.Recommended as a series of 4 weekly or bi-weekly infusions.

Immunity and Resilience - $200

Designed to call your immune cells into action and direct your defenses to where they are needed most.Recommended bi-weekly during an acute infection or weekly throughout autumn and winter to establish ongoing resilience.

Rest and Recovery - $200

Assist in the facilitation of restful sleep by gently eliciting relaxation pathways without forcing sedation.Recommended as a series of weekly or bi-weekly infusions as needed for deep recuperation.

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