Initial Consultation and Physical Exam

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The initial consultation is focused on getting to know a new patient. It includes a face-to-face patient-to-physician conversation regarding your complaints, medical and family history, previous therapies and diagnostic test results.

You should bring:

  1. Your available medical records
  2. Laboratory test results
  3. Original radiographic images
  4. Current medications (or list) with doses and frequency

The next step of the initial consultation is a comprehensive physical examination oriented on your problems.  In addition to the traditional hands-on physical examination, we analyze joints and soft tissues with high-resolution ultrasound which, allows us to gain valuable diagnostic information while in the office. If necessary, an extended physical examination may include thermography, capillaroscopy, EKG, an instrumental assessment of autonomic nervous system, pulmonary function tests and quantitative electroencephalogram (‘brain map’).

Based on results of the initial assessment, we select appropriate diagnostic tests which are performed within several days or weeks following the consultation. These may include customized outsourced (LabCorp & Quest) biochemical, genetic and immunologic tests, radiographic imaging procedures, stool and saliva testing, food intolerance testing, etc.

Typically, the first follow up appointment is scheduled in three weeks after the initial consultation. The standard length of the initial consultation is one hour.

To schedule your initial consultation, call IFSMED at (858) 794-9192 or send us an e-mail at


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