Energy Kinesiology

Steven Hansen has been doing Energy Kinesiology for twenty years, and is a pioneer in the field. Through Years of study and implementation he has developed a revolutionary new system of healing energy work. 


Energy Kinesiology uses muscle testing to uncover hidden ailments and detect and correct the root cause of illness on a biochemical, genetic, and emotional level.


Energy Kinesiology:

  • Reverse disease processes
  • Access and correct the cause of pain
  • Alleviate chronic allergies
  • Release past trauma stored in your memory
  • Correct genetic predispositions to certain diseases
  • Identify and match supplements to your individual needs
  • Reduce chronic fatigue by finding underlying contributing factors
  • Determine previously unsuspected food or chemical sensitivities
  • Start treatment before an imbalance progresses to a disease
  • Reveal sources of underlying chronic symptoms that may not be evident during a conventional medical evaluation