Alternative Diagnostics

It is well recognized that traditional Western diagnosis is largely based on physical findings, imaging techniques and laboratory data are superb for determining anatomical or organic problems. However, the success of Western diagnosis in determining functional or preclinical problems is less satisfactory. That is why a number of patients with various functional disorders, (e.g., fibromyalgia, chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome) go for a number of years without a diagnosis. Even when they are diagnosed, the system of diagnosis typically is very descriptive but does not incorporate cause and consequence principle.

Alternative diagnostic systems do not pretend to be perfect. However, they represent valuable diagnostic tools in many functional problems and can complement traditional diagnostic systems.

IFSMED utilizes alternative diagnostic systems based on electrodermal screening and visualization of body energetic fields. Computerized electrodermal screening may be useful in the finding of causative links in the disease process (not the actual diagnosis) by measuring the electric resistance of skin’s surface in response to various stimuli. Traditional electrodermal systems exploit large libraries of electromagnetic signatures corresponding to potential disease triggers (e.g., foods, microorganisms, viruses, hormones, heavy metals, etc.) for the screening purposes. As a result of the screening, patients get a list of potential disease triggers which subsequently are validated via traditional diagnostic systems.

Analysis of body energetic fields is based on electrophotography of specific acupuncture points located on the fingertips followed by computerized analysis of the data. In Eastern medicine, activity of acupuncture points reflects the health of correspondent internal organs. Therefore, the test creates an energetic map of the internal organs indicating which organs are energy deficient or hyperactive. The test does not diagnose the specific disease but rather provides us with the guide for further precise diagnostic evaluation.

The main principle of our clinic is to utilize overlapping alternative and traditional diagnostic systems to obtain a definitive diagnosis and to define the causative root of the problem.

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